ice cream

posted on 05 Sep 2009 02:42 by pare-nadda


What is Art?


“Art is a beauty, created by human.”

The sentence is always on all art books.

And also, “Art is everything”


On this paper, Art is like icecream.


Because ice cream is theinnovation created by human and, for human.


Ice cream is always somethingfor everyone.

Whether you are happy or sad,ice cream can always be your friend.


Moreover, milk and water, almosteverything could be its ingredients.

It depends on an ice cream maker.

An ice-cream maker seems likean artist. 


The most important thing isflavor.

Artists never present whichflavor is the best. 

People choose their favoriteby their own tastes.

Most definitely the answersare usually different.


But both ice cream makersand artists speak the same language

that whatever you like, it is all alright.

Nothing is wrong.






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